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Hair Color

Pumpkin Spice for More Thank Just Your Latte

Seeing Red (hair) We are well in to Pumpkin Spice Season and just had to write a post on the season’s most trending color way for fall hair: The Fiery Red Head There’s a reason fiery hair is correlated to an equally fiery personality. With less than 2% of the world’s population being natural redheads, whether you’re ruby red or a copper blonde your mane will be sure to grab attention. If you aren’t part of the lucky 2% that hit the genetic hair lottery, we can definitely change that!     But whether you’re looking for a subtle shift…

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Do I Need a Color Revamp?

If you’ve seen us post about a Color Revamp or perhaps even read our previous blog post breaking down all the deets here, you may be asking yourself if YOU need a Color Revamp. First up, if you missed our previous post you’re probably wondering what a Revamp even is. If you haven’t heard the term before in any other salons it’s probably because Candice came up with it when she felt like “Corrective Color” didn’t quite feel right for what we offer. Corrective color suggests that there’s something “wrong” with the current color. What we’ve found most often is…

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Color Revamp⚡️

What’s a Color Revamp? You’ve seen us talking about it on Social Media, and you’ve seen the before and after photos of our beautiful transformations, but what are we actually talking about when we say “She got a Color Revamp.” We wanted to shine some light on what that means and why it’s such an integral part of our hair extensions process. Essentially, a Color Revamp is the transformation from where your hair color currently is to where you want it to be. When you fill out an application to become a Garnish guest, we ask for two current photos…

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Staff Picks: Hair Color Transformations

The world of hair color is multi-layered, blending artistry and science, and requiring exceptional attention to detail.  We have chosen to delve into the most challenging aspects of hair color—color corrections and transformational colors, committing to the ongoing education and deep knowledge of the chemistry of color that these services require. Our stylist team shares a passion for being able to offer the types of color that require an eye for design and skill with painting, blending, and color balancing.  We believe that being able to provide women with a hair cut, style, and color that they love can play…

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Preserve Your Summer Hair Color Garnish

Preserve Your Summer Hair Color

Keep your Summer Hair Color Vibrant Summertime can be a blast—beach trips, pool days, lake days, sun tanning, and cooking out. We tend to be outside way more in the summer, and that often means extra exposure to both the sun and water. While all of these activities are tons of fun, if you color your hair, they can be your hair’s biggest enemy. We already told you all about the super cool SU line from Davines, so to continue our Summer Survival Guide, we’re giving you our BEST hair tips and tricks for PRESERVING your summer hair color all…

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Kevin.Murphy Shimmer Me

Summer Fun with Shimmer.Me Blonde

Blonde Bombshells NEED Shimmer.Me Blonde Warm weather is officially here and that means it’s time to go lighter for the Summer! If lighter for you means blonde or blonder, Kevin Murphy has got your blonde locks covered with all kinds of BLONDES ONLY products (hey, BLONDE.ANGEL). The newest edition to this exclusive collection is called SHIMMER.ME BLONDE. You may be familiar with her older sister, SHIMMER.SHINE, and while they have a lot of the same qualities (like literal glitter flakes in the formula) SHIMMER.ME BLONDE has some extra special features specifically for blonde babes. Why is Shimmer.Me Blonde extra special?…

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Balayage Hand Painting Garnish Hair Studio

Balayage – Hair Color + Dimension

Balayage, Hand Painted Artistry Most hair trends come and go or at least fade in popularity year to year, but there’s one trend that has definitely proven it is here to stay. BALAYAGE. (Bah-lay-ahj) is the hand painted technique that originated in the 70s and began its reintroduction into popularity midway through the first decade of the 2000s. Starting to become popular with a subtle sun-kissed look, balayage has evolved into an incredibly versatile art form—a favorite of both stylists and clients alike. The customizable nature of balayage broadens its appeal making it accessible to essentially all hair types, textures,…

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Preparing For A Major Color Change

Many of our guests come to Garnish seeking a new look or hair transformation. With so many fantastic and beautiful hair color options today, women love to try new things and often come to us wanting a major color change. What some people do not know is that a major color change isn’t an easy, one-step process. We’ve asked our Senior Stylist, Andrayah Poncé to give you the skinny on what to expect when you are considering and preparing for a significant color change. “You have thought that you’d like a new look, and a hair color change is just…

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Davines Mask with Vibrachrom Color System Comes To Garnish

As a part of our ongoing effort to deliver the most superior products and services to our clients, I am excited to introduce you to Davines’s brand new amazing hair color collection … MASK WITH VIBRACHROM. The choice to make this investment as a salon to bring in this new technology allows us to stay up to date with the latest trends, but also ahead of the curve in the performance values of our color lines. This not just a color, but a brand new system that will change the traditional view of color. Mask with Vibrachrom is a permanent color line…

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Box Color vs. Salon Color

The Oh-No’s and Woes of Box Hair Color

Box Color Beware! So you’re strolling through the aisles of the drug store and you find yourself standing in front of the box hair color section. All of the boxes are adorned with beautiful models with glamorously styled hair and pretty colors. Suddenly you feel inspired to change up your color or do a little routine maintenance or touch up. You begin picking up the boxes and comparing colors and brands. Each one promises long lasting results, excellent gray coverage, and amazingly sleek and shiny hair. Maybe you feel like going a little lighter even though you are a brunette,…

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