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Don’t Let Fall Fashion Fu¢k Up Your Hair

Tangle Free Fashion As we get into fall, many of us are excited to be pulling out our comfy, cozy cold-weather wear. Chunky sweaters with big cowl necks, hats, beanies, and toboggans, and eventually our warmest wool coats and scarves to keep us fashionable and warm. You’ve already been in to get your fall color update, and your hair is looking AMAZING; so before you suit up for fall, we have a few tips for you to follow to keep your fashion from ruining your hair. Knitted scarves, hats, and heavy, hooded coats might be keeping you warm, but these…

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Three Must have Products you should get TODAY!

Having the right products are key to maintaining y and extending the wear time of your hair extensions. While there are TONS of great products available for you to use, we have narrowed it down to three MUST have products to always have on hand for detangling, styling and polishing. These products are always available here in the studio or to order though our Oribe website. detangle Detangling your hair and extensions is the first line of defense to taking care and maintaining your rows. Oribe Run Through is the perfect detangling product. Its a leave-in conditioner that makes combing…

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Quarantine FAQs

We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding rescheduling appointments that had been booked for the month of April, and how you can get in as quickly as possible once the mandate has been lifted. This is a difficult time for all of us and we want you to know we can’t wait to have you back in our chairs as soon as possible! Why have you not reached out to reschedule my April appointment? There is a possibility that the mandate could either be lifted sooner or extended out further. If this were to happen we would have to…

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Fall/Winter Hair Care Products 🍂

As the weather cools and dries out, your hair may start to look and feel a little different. No matter the season, having the right haircare products makes all the difference in the health of your hair and how it behaves. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products for this time of year. Often as the weather transitions towards winter your hair will start to feel more dry, lose its shine, and feel less soft. All of the products on our list focus on hydration, softening, protection, and shine. First up is Oribe’s Supershine leave-in moisturizer. As the name…

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The Oribe Difference

Oribe’s Amazing…seriously! Have you ever purchased a product, brought it home, tried it out, and it was just… a HUGE let down? It didn’t do what it was supposed to, it was basically a waste of money, and now it’s just going to sit on a shelf or in the cabinet underneath your sink and collect dust. As you already know, Garnish is committed to using exclusively the best that our industry has to offer. We believe that this is how we are able to provide the highest quality of service along with the best value to YOU. While we…

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Ready. Set. Sun + Healthy Hair!

Summer Hair Is Here It’s officially that time of year… whether you’re headed to the beach, pool, or lake, there’s definitely going to be sun and water involved. While all the Summer activities are a ton of fun, they can also take a toll on your hair, which is why we’ve created this guide to saving your locks throughout the season. The sun and water can affect your color, texture, and the health of your hair. We’ve gathered together a list of the must-haves to survive the Summer with your beautiful color maintained and your shine intact. 1. Leave-in Conditioner/Detangler…

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Product Spotlight: The Magic of Hair Primers

The Magic of Hair Primers Here at Garnish you know we LOVE to give you our favorite tips and tricks to make your hair look as amazing as it possibly can. While brainstorming fave tips to tell you about next, it hit us that there is a best kept secret in the beauty industry: PRIMERS. What are Hair Primers? If you’re into makeup at all you probably know all about face primer. There are tons of different face primers that all offer different benefits, but their underlying purpose is still the same. They improve your makeup application, and how your…

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LOVE is in the Hair feat. Davines LOVE Curl

Calling all Curlies! We’ve officially found your hair’s Valentine! And how perfect that her name is LOVE. The Davines LOVE Curl Line has been revamped, reformulated, and now includes even more options for your particular curl pattern. We wanted to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the different products that make up the line and how they can enhance your curls. Let’s be real… curly hair is totally different than other hair textures, which is why we think it’s so cool that Davines created a line specifically designed to make curls happy. The line is designed to nourish, improve elasticity (which…

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Opalex, the Hair Magician

Do you believe in magic? Meet Opalex. If you’re a beauty fiend or follow hair trends you have probably already heard of the magic that is Olaplex. Real talk: sometimes technology can be a pain, but sometimes it provides a much needed solution. Olaplex is one such solution. First and foremost, Olaplex is a bond rebuilder, which is game-changing in terms of hair health and hair color. Understanding exactly what Olaplex does requires getting a bit science-y so bear with me. The strands of your hair are naturally made up of bonds. Imagine two links on a jewelry chain. The…

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