better together

Every once in a while you read something that deeply strikes a chord within, and you feel compelled to respond in some way. In Autumn 2016, AirBnB released a statement entitled #weaccept. The statement spoke to their commitment to diversity, to housing people who have been displaced from their homes, and to bettering themselves within this commitment. And, it spoke to me. Diversity is something we have always valued at Garnish. We also understand the incredible impact coming to the salon can have on an individual. For many women, their personal style, including hair, is directly tied to how they feel inside, and we believe that offering beautification services for hair can positively impact self image, self esteem, and confidence.

Upon reading the statement from AirBnB, I realized the importance of communicating the message that each person is accepted and belongs. Here at Garnish, we embrace everything that makes us unique and diverse. In fact, we believe our differences make us stronger and help us grow. It is with that sentiment in mind that I would like to introduce the Garnish All Colors Campaign.

Our studio has been built on the values of diversity and inclusion, and through this campaign we hope to share the message that we welcome everyone to Garnish. No matter your race or religion, gender identity or politics, whether you were born here or immigrated to America from somewhere else in the world, we welcome the opportunity to become your salon—a place where you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful.


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Candice Motley & The Garnish Family