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Guest Feature: Meet Bethanne

When Bethanne finished her chemo treatments for breast cancer, she knew that getting the confidence that the grueling treatments had taken from her. Namly she wanted beautiful hair back. Take a look at Bethanne’s story and join us in sending her all the love for continued health!

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Guest Feature: Hey Charlene! 💁‍♀️

  birthday hair extensions   When you’ve realized that neglected yourself because of a global pandemic and it’s your 30th birthday, you reward yourself with a road trip from your home in Florida to North Carolina for some R&R with bae. That’s exactly what Charlene did. And we are so thrilled that Garnish was on her list of places to go! Charlene’s hair extensions are a Mot fave! Check out her mega hair extensions transformation!  

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Three Must have Products you should get TODAY!

Having the right products are key to maintaining y and extending the wear time of your hair extensions. While there are TONS of great products available for you to use, we have narrowed it down to three MUST have products to always have on hand for detangling, styling and polishing. These products are always available here in the studio or to order though our Oribe website. detangle Detangling your hair and extensions is the first line of defense to taking care and maintaining your rows. Oribe Run Through is the perfect detangling product. Its a leave-in conditioner that makes combing…

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Working Out with Extensions 💪🏼

One of the questions we get most often from our active guests is, “Can I work out with extensions?” And the answer is always, “YES! YES! YES!” One of the things that we love most about the extension method that we offer in the studio, which is NBR (Natural Beaded Rows), is how versatile it is. We wholeheartedly believe that beauty should be an extension of your lifestyle, not a deterrent from it. In fact all of the stylists in the studio maintain very active lifestyles while confidently wearing extensions. Yes, even swimming is ok! Today we are sharing a…

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Guest Feature: Marsha’s Story

a thinning hair solution! Marsha came to Garnish 3 years ago as a last ditch effort to find a solution to her thinning hair. She had tried everything from wigs, to pills to regrow her hair, to extensions that looked anything but natural. Feeling defeated, she reached out for a consultation with Mot, after seeing an Instagram post, to see if there was anything that the Garnish team could do. Behind the curtain, Mot discussed all of the options to address Marsha’s thinning hair, which was especially thin on top, where regular hand tied extensions couldn’t help. At Candice’s suggestion,…

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Confidence During Covid—5 Steps to Maintaining Confidence During a Pandemic

a word from Candice Motley Let’s be real—this time has been crazy for all of us, and most days it feels like we can barely stay sane no less keep ourselves feeling good. That’s why I wanted to break down the five steps I’ve taken since all of this began to stay sane and maintain my confidence. 1. SELF-CARE. It sounds so cliché, but I knew if I didn’t take care of myself, I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish anything else. The two biggest self-care things I did were exercise and journaling. I made sure I moved my…

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The CROWN Act 💁🏽

If you’ve followed us for any length of time you already know—hair extensions are our passion. If you’ve only known hair extensions as a fashion trend to make your hair longer, it might seem weird how obsessed we are, but we know the real secret of hair extensions—they change women’s lives. Hair loss, hair thinning, and even the hair you were born with being thin or fine can cause so much frustration and pain. More than half of all women will experience hair thinning or loss at some point in their lives, whether from a disorder or disease, for hormonal…

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You’re Not Crazy for Still Wanting Hair Extensions During a Pandemic…

Like most small businesses, when we were required to shut down for 8 weeks earlier this year, we were scared. We didn’t know what to expect when we reopened our doors in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic. We know how much our craft means to us and to the women we’ve worked with in the past, but as the world continues to change by the day, we just didn’t know what would happen. Here’s what we’ve found. As extension specialists we’ve known for a long time that hair extensions are about SO much more than hair. It goes…

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