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One Week And Counting!!

Let the countdown begin!!!! In exactly a week from today, we will be packing up our studio and moving into our brand new home! The new location is at: 6400 Creedmoor Road Suite. 101 Raleigh, NC 27617 On the corner of Lynn & Creedmoor Road (facing Lynn) Our official opening date in the new space is Tuesday August 5th. We can’t wait for you too see what we’ve been working on this whole time.. And don’t forget to join us for the Fully Garnish’d Soiree on August 28th between 5-7 for a peak at our new spot, beauty, music, and…

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There’s Always Time To Give Back

Giving back still makes the top of our priority list – even with all that’s happening with #ProjectGarnish. This week, I went back to where I started – Mitchell’s Hair Academy. I’ll never forget how it felt to try to cut at a perfect angle on a mannequin  I’m thankful that now I can give back and help students in that same way. This week I taught a class full of students about advanced cutting techniques and extension basics. It was fun and, also on the inside, funny to remember me at 19 years old in their same shoes. The…

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Countdown to Opening New Location – Nail Biting Begins!

In 3 weeks we’ll be moving! We’ve been posting pictures of #ProjectGarnish on Facebook and Instagram of all the construction. But the big reveal is just around the corner. Shortly after we move in, we’ll open the doors and you’ll have a full service hair salon and extension bar. The new salon is in Raleigh and just on the corner of Creedmoor and Lynn Road (Underneath our banner;-) Next time you’re in the salon ask Ray and I about the exclusive client soiree!  It’s going to be a sneak peek of the new space, along with special surprises at the event!

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Paint, Tiles, and Concrete.. Ohh boy!!

“The Ray” and I decided to take a trip up to the new location and put some colors together for our new floor and retail space. It’s starting to take shape! I love the white ceilings and the exposed HVAC. SaveSave

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Moo Cards Rock!!!

So we just received our new business cards from Moo Inc. and am beyond excited!! Rarely are you blown away by a simple business card, but the quality of these are beyond anything I expected. Make sure to grab one next time you are in the studio. They have our new location address and some of our new salon imagery. It’s starting to become real guys.. **Excited** #ProjectGarnish

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Making Headway and Hiring!!

Just a little update.. The fantastic crew of 8:18 Construction is making huge leaps and bounds with our build out! Ready for the paint (Oh boyyyy) this week and starting to lay down our amazing beach wood flooring! Wait until you guys see the floor actually wrap up the side of the wall onto the ceiling.. Did we mention this is about to be amazing?!? lol And also….. Garnish is Hiring! With our latest news we are actively seeking out talented and creative stylists to become a part of Garnish Studio and Extension Bar. Just like we take time to…

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The New Salon: When, Where and How

Some of our vision board statement pieces.. I love the play on texture and design.. The smooth cognac chair with the ultra plush rug below. We’ll get to the decorating part soon enough. Until then..Construction time!! And as the owner, the crew had me christen some of the framing.. You can watch my attempt  below lol Yes, it’s true.  Garnish is moving and expanding! –        When: o   We should be up and running by mid to late summer. Our early projection is even as soon as July 15th 2014!   –        Where: 6400 Creedmoor Road. Suite 101. o   Sharing a space…

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Project Garnish: Garnish Grows – Exciting Announcement!

Have you heard? Garnish is moving and expanding. Here’s how it all happened. Sharing and being a sculptor in the transformation process is what I love most. Helping women transform through their hair is more than an art. It’s a special privilege. I am thankful and humbled to be a part of that journey. Today, I’m pleased and proud to announce that this journey with my clients has led to the next phase of Garnish Studio. We are expanding and growing by: –        Adding more stylists –        Moving to a much larger customized space –        Extending our…

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