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You show up for an appointment with your new stylist—you’ve been waiting weeks for this appointment and you’re READY for your hair transformation. You arrive and show the stylist your goal photos telling them how excited you are for your new color. They glance at their watch and give you a look… then you hear the dreaded words: “I don’t have time for that particular service today.” They offer you a compromise or the ability to reschedule. Obviously, you’re devastated. All of this could’ve been avoided if you could have just spent a few minutes chatting with your new stylist before scheduling.

Enter: The Garnish Hair Consultation.

We know. Coming in for a 30 minute appointment prior to getting your hair done isn’t the most convenient thing ever. And we get it. YOU have a crystal clear vision of what you want your hair to look like and what you need to schedule. Maybe you’ve even done this same color before and your last stylist ALWAYS took exactly 2 hours. Trust us, we hear you. Just indulge us for a few minutes and let us explain exactly why we value the consultation appointment SO MUCH.

Consultation Reason One

Communication is EVERYTHING. And not just for hair… in life! But let’s just focus on the hair aspect. There are a bunch of words associated with hair that we’ve learned everyone interprets a little differently. Warmth, icy, caramel… even dark and light mean something different to each person. Meeting in person allows you and your stylist to talk about your color goals, look at swatches or pictures, and really ensure you’re on the same page. You can also discuss the details of your cut, any concerns you have with the health of your hair and scalp, and your hair history. Covering all of this information during a consultation allows for your stylist to have a better understanding of your hair along with being fully prepared for your first service.

Consultation Reason Two:

Timing is important. Because we respect YOUR time along with the time of our stylists, we want to ensure your appointment is booked for the correct amount of time. The consultation allows the stylist to see the length and texture of your hair and gauge how much time they will need for a particular service. It’s important to note that each stylist may take a slightly different amount of time to perform a service just as it would take different artists different amounts of time to create similar works of art.

Consultation Reason Three:

We prefer to provide an EXACT quote for your service rather than a vague guesstimate that could potentially be completely wrong. We are big believers in “the details” and we would much rather go over everything in detail such as cost of the base service and cost of other factors such as a glaze or Olaplex treatment. We find that knowing exactly how much it will cost makes everyone feel more comfortable about their color or chemical service.

Basically: We value the consultation so highly because we believe visiting the salon is about so much more than leaving with shorter or different colored hair. We believe in making your hair dreams come true, in actually caring for the health of your hair and scalp, and in making sure you feel amazing about your salon experience. If you’re ready to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our colorists, give us a call!